Savin Hill Yacht Club (founded 1875), has the following mission statement:
“The primary object of this Club is to encourage Yachting, both the actual and social facets, and good fellowship. We shall also endeavor to teach our youth to emulate and perpetuate this object.“

We are supported by member volunteers and rely upon a modest salaried staff. Seasonal operations include an entertainment hall, lounge, galley, showers, several deck areas, short-term ONLY dock, launch service to and from moorings, storage lockers, and on-site boat storage areas.

The availability of lockers, moorings, and on-site boat storage is limited, with fluctuating wait list times.

Savin Hill Yacht Club’s Membership Committee typically recommends new candidates at the pleasure of the Board of Directors annually, and primarily after consideration of the availability of key club resources. All new candidates must have a sponsor (a current Member of Savin Hill Yacht Club).

Are you interested in joining Saving Hill Yacht Club?

1: If yes, use the email below and compose a brief informal interest statement on why you would like to join our club (PLEASE BE BRIEF!! 100 words or less). Also, include your phone number.

2: If you already have a sponsor, please include their full name, email, and phone number. If you do not already have a sponsor, one must be identified before you can finish the application process. A member will then contact you and further introduce the club while conducting a casual interview. During that conversation, we will more fully explain the various steps in the application process. We look forward to hearing from you!